About Caroline Martin – floral, still-life and food photographer


As a professional photographer, Caroline Martin can realize diverse projects in the fields of gastronomy, decoration and lifestyle – from sophisticated studio work to insightful reports. Highest demands on herself and creativity are the basis for her success and her outstanding photography. Coming from Paris and owning an Atelier in Munich, she works regularly for French and German clients.


Still-life, portraits and food: Photography with passion and profession


After graduating from the famous national photographic school Les Gobelins in Paris, Caroline Martin opened her first studio in 1986. She began her career as a still-life and news photographer. After she had perfected her technique to light and shoot difficult objects such as jewels, she began to photograph sophisticated still-lifes for various advertising agencies and direct marketers.
In 1991, she specialized in food and floral photography in homage to her grandfather who worked as a chef in Lyon. She collaborates with food stylists and works for press magazines and PR agencies.
In 2006, she opened a new photo studio in Munich outfitted with traditional and digital equipment.
In 2011, she created her Lifestyle decoration concept PHOTOSPHERE – www.photosphere.eu. and she co-founded KreA2 – www.krea-2.com- an intercultural French-German Communication Agency.


To this day, her focus has been mainly on gastronomy and floral productions, as photographer and video producer for Social Media content, Corporate and publishing.

Very early engaged in favour of an organic agriculture respectful of life, she supports local producers through her creative work  and her voluntary commitment.

Professional photography in Munich, Paris and worldwide
CaroIine Martin works mostly for companies and agencies in Paris and Munich, but also does shootings and reportages all over the world.

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